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Online Evaluation & Therapy Services

Speak 2 Me Speech & Language Therapy is increasing access to high-quality and family-centered care for children throughout the State of Florida via teletherapy services.

teletherapy for speech therapy for children

Convenient Online Therapy

At Speak 2 Me, we provide online evaluations and therapy services for children throughout the State of Florida. Teletherapy allows us to increase access to quality care for families who are social distancing or live outside of our in-person coverage area.

Our team delivers the same interactive and individualized care via teletherapy as we do for in-person services. Every session includes engaging and fun activities along with dedicated parent coaching time. If you would like to learn more about teletherapy as an option, please contact us today

How does online therapy/teletherapy work?

Clients can access therapy using a tablet or computer with a built-in or external microphone and speakers. During the sessions, we will engage your child in activities using real objects from your home or ours and/or computer-based and interactive activities. Each session is 100% face-to-face, creating a meaningful online experience. For children who are too young to participate in direct screen time, we will implement the parent coaching model to deliver services. 

Are there situations when teletherapy is not an appropriate choice?

As with any service delivery model, there are occasionally limitations to online therapy. We are committed to helping your child make progress and achieve the most optimum outcomes. In some cases, a child may need in-person, face-to-face sessions to receive the full benefits of therapy. 

What about teletherapy adding to the amount of screen time my child is already getting?

Our online, interactive therapy services are very different from the screen time a child experiences when watching TV or YouTube. Our online therapy sessions are both interactive and socially engaging, providing for a rich educational experience. For younger children, for whom screen time should be minimal, we will primarily use the coaching model where the parent is primarily engaged with the screen.

Do you allow families to switch between in-person sessions and teletherapy?

Consistency of services is important to making progress. Therefore, teletherapy is always an option for families who need to cancel in-person sessions due to health or COVID-related concerns. 

We are accepting new clients!

Speak 2 Me provides pediatric speech, language, and social therapy services to clients ages birth-18 years old. Services are available in-person in Broward County, FL, the city of Leesburg, FL (Lake County), and Sumterville, FL (Sumter County). We also provide teletherapy throughout the state of Florida.

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