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Helpful Information

Getting Started with Speak 2 Me

  • Give us a call at 954-588-6096 to discuss your concerns, have your questions answered, and learn more about the services we offer.

  • If we recommend an evaluation or therapy, we will get you scheduled for your initial appointment during the call.

  • If you plan to have us bill your insurance, we will assist you in getting a referral from your primary care physician for billing insurance.

  • You can also have your PCP fax us a prescription for speech therapy directly to 954-419-3138. and once the referral is received we will contact you to set up your initial evaluation.

Getting Started

Billing & Insurance

We are in-network with the following insurance companies and are also an approved Gardiner Scholarship (Step Up for Students) direct pay provider. 

Children's Medical Services Health Plan Title 19/Title 21

AmeriHealth Caritas

UnitedHealthcare Commercial

Direct or Straight Medicaid

We also accept private pay clients and will provide a superbill to families who are interested in seeking out-of-network reimbursement. 

Billing and Insurance

Gardiner Scholarship

The Gardiner Scholarship is a program through the Florida Department of Education, providing eligible students between the ages of 3-22 years, funds to be used for approved services such as speech therapy. 

Speak 2 Me Speech & Language Therapy is an approved Gardiner Scholarship Direct Pay Provider. We offer speech therapy services to Gardiner Scholarship recipients located anywhere in the State of Florida.

To learn more about the Gardiner Scholarship, click here


Frequently Asked Questions

How long are treatment sessions?

This is dependent and individual to each child. Some factors to consider are insurance, as well as professional recommendations.

How often will my child have therapy?

This is recommended on each child's plan of care. Typically, we recommend therapy from 1 session weekly, up to 3 sessions weekly; however, this may fluctuate and is dependent on the individual child's needs.

Where will therapy take place?

You pick! Therapy takes place in the home, school, daycare, behavioral clinic, or outside! The SLP may make suggestions if a specific place is determined to be more distracting than others. The goal would be to limit distractions during this time.

I sent in the required paperwork. When will therapy start?

Once the evaluation has been scheduled, typically it is a minimum of two weeks from that date, however, it can fluctuate. A few factors to consider are a write-up of evaluation and pediatrician approval, as well as the processing time for insurance (if used) to approve the initiation of therapy services.

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